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Enrolling devices: First-to-claim

Enrollment lets you claim ownership of a device that is not yet associated with your account, for example, a device you purchase from the open market (OEM dealer) or a device that you transfer from one account to another.

To claim ownership, you must have the trusted certificate or pre-shared key required to authenticate the device. For more information, see First-to-Claim by enrollment list.

In Device Management Portal

To enroll one device at a time:

  1. Select Device directory > Enrolling devices.
  2. Click the + Enroll devices button.
  3. The Enroll devices from a supplier page opens.
  4. Enter the device enrollment key.
  5. Click the Add single device button.
  6. If the key is valid and the device has not enrolled yet, the new device is added to the list.

To enroll multiple devices:

  1. Capture the device enrollment keys from your devices using a QR code or bar code reader to an .csv file of up to 10MB, and save the file.

    The Enrollment API document specifies the content and format of the file.

  2. Click the + Enroll devices button.

    The Enroll devices from a supplier page opens.

  3. Click the Bulk upload button, and select the .csv file containing the device enrollment keys.

    After the upload is completed, the portal shows a link to an upload report file.

  4. Click Add bulk list.

Note: Any errors in file processing stop the file upload process. The final upload report lists any erred entries in the file. See First-to-claim troubleshooting for possible enrollment failure reasons and corrective actions.

After you upload a device enrollment ID, the device appears on the list of enrolled devices on the Enrolling devices page, which shows:

  • Enrollment identity - a fingerprint from the device certificate with the version prefix.
  • Date expires - expiration date for the enrollment.
  • Device ID - a globally unique ID generated by Device Management.
  • Date enrolled - enrollment date.
  • Date claimed - the date when the device was bound to an account.
  • Status - the state of the enrollment process. It is new at the time of creation. If the creation is still in progress, the state is processing. When the request is fully processed, the state changes to completed.

To cancel the enrollment of one or multiple devices:

  1. Tick the checkbox next to one or multiple enrollment IDs you want to cancel.
  2. Click the Actions button.
  3. Select Cancel enrollment.
  4. A pop-up window opens.
  5. Click Cancel enrollment to confirm the cancellation.

Another option to cancel multiple enrollments:

  1. Click the - Cancel enrollments button.
  2. A pop-up window opens.
  3. Click the Bulk upload button to upload a .csv file that lists the device enrollment keys captured using a QR code or bar code device reader.
  4. Select the .cvs file containing a list of enrollment keys from the location you stored it.
  5. Click Cancel enrollments to confirm the cancellation.

Using the API

Use the /v3/device-enrollments POST API to enroll a single device or the /v3/device-enrollments-bulk-uploads POST API to enroll multiple devices.

Use the /v3/device-enrollments/{id} DELETE API to cancel a single enrollment or the /v3/device-enrollments-bulk-deletes POST API to cancel multiple device enrollments.