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1 // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
2 // Copyright 2016-2017 ARM Ltd.
3 //
4 // Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
5 // you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
6 // You may obtain a copy of the License at
7 //
8 // http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
9 //
10 // Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
11 // distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
12 // WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
13 // See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
14 // limitations under the License.
15 // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
17 #ifndef __KCM_STATUS_H__
18 #define __KCM_STATUS_H__
20 #ifdef __cplusplus
21 extern "C" {
22 #endif
30 typedef enum {
91 } kcm_status_e;
93 //Macro defined for backward compatibility. Will be deprecated.
96 #ifdef __cplusplus
97 }
98 #endif
100 #endif //__KCM_STATUS_H__
A parameter provided to the function was invalid.
Definition: kcm_status.h:33
File error occurred.
Definition: kcm_status.h:42
Operation failed due to invalid PK public key.
Definition: kcm_status.h:60
Certificate with bad x509 attribute.
Definition: kcm_status.h:75
Certificate with unsupported public key PK type.
Definition: kcm_status.h:72
Operation was called with unsupported hash mode.
Definition: kcm_status.h:56
An out-of-memory condition occurred.
Definition: kcm_status.h:35
KCM did not initialized.
Definition: kcm_status.h:49
Operation failed to parse DER-format private key.
Definition: kcm_status.h:57
Operation failed in check of ecc md type.
Definition: kcm_status.h:77
Verification of self-generated certificate against stored private key failed.
Definition: kcm_status.h:85
Trying to store an item that is already in the storage.
Definition: kcm_status.h:39
Closing KCM chain with fewer certificates than declared in create.
Definition: kcm_status.h:50
Operation failed to parse DER-format public key.
Definition: kcm_status.h:58
Operation ended with an unspecified error.
Definition: kcm_status.h:32
Certificate with bad MD algorithm.
Definition: kcm_status.h:71
Operation failed because of an invalid PK private key.
Definition: kcm_status.h:89
Operation completed successfully.
Definition: kcm_status.h:31
Invalid file access mode.
Definition: kcm_status.h:47
Operation failed due to invalid ECP key.
Definition: kcm_status.h:61
Certificate with bad public key data (size or curve).
Definition: kcm_status.h:73
The item was not found in storage.
Definition: kcm_status.h:36
Provided file name is longer than permitted.
Definition: kcm_status.h:54
Certificate is not trusted.
Definition: kcm_status.h:74
Operation failed because of invalid name format.
Definition: kcm_status.h:83
The metadata was not found in the file.
Definition: kcm_status.h:37
The provided buffer size was insufficient for the required output.
Definition: kcm_status.h:34
KCM attempted to open an invalid chain file.
Definition: kcm_status.h:51
File data corrupted. Cannot read file.
Definition: kcm_status.h:45
Operation failed due to invalid OID.
Definition: kcm_status.h:82
Location of the item is not as expected.
Definition: kcm_status.h:55
Operation failed because of an invalid number of certificates.
Definition: kcm_status.h:52
Certificate expired.
Definition: kcm_status.h:69
Operation failed because entropy missing.
Definition: kcm_status.h:84
Definition: kcm_status.h:30
Metadata found, but size is different than expected.
Definition: kcm_status.h:38
Operation failed to verify private key.
Definition: kcm_status.h:64
Trying to generate a key for a CSR, but the requested output key name already exists in storage...
Definition: kcm_status.h:40
KCM cannot translate current storage error.
Definition: kcm_status.h:48
Operation failed due to invalid PK version of key.
Definition: kcm_status.h:62
The data of the current item is empty.
Definition: kcm_status.h:43
Unsupported curve.
Definition: kcm_status.h:67
At least one of the certificates fails to verify its predecessor.
Definition: kcm_status.h:53
Operation failed to check the signature.
Definition: kcm_status.h:76
Trying to access an item without proper permissions, or trying to perform an action that is not allow...
Definition: kcm_status.h:41
Failed to copy an extension from the certificate to the CSR.
Definition: kcm_status.h:86
Operation failed due to invalid PK key format.
Definition: kcm_status.h:59
Certificate validity starts in the future.
Definition: kcm_status.h:70
Operation failed to parse DER-format certificate.
Definition: kcm_status.h:68
Invalid file version. Cannot read file.
Definition: kcm_status.h:44
Operation failed to write public key to DER buffer.
Definition: kcm_status.h:80
File name corrupted. Cannot read file.
Definition: kcm_status.h:46
Rollback-protected data operation failed.
Definition: kcm_status.h:87
Operation failed to calculate signature.
Definition: kcm_status.h:78
Operation failed due to unknown pk algorithm.
Definition: kcm_status.h:66
Operation failed to verify public key.
Definition: kcm_status.h:65
Operation failed to write CSR to DER buffer.
Definition: kcm_status.h:81
Operation failed to write private key to DER buffer.
Definition: kcm_status.h:79
File name contains an invalid character (must only include the characters '0-9', 'A'-'Z', 'a'-'z', '.', '-', '_').
Definition: kcm_status.h:88
Operation failed due to missing password.
Definition: kcm_status.h:63