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Izuma Device Management for team administrators

This chapter covers team administration actions available in Izuma Device Management. Although the documentation focuses on the Portal, you can perform the same actions with the Account Management API or the Billing API.

Note: Some options may not be available to your team. If you think you need these options, please contact your account administrator.

Access Management

Two entities access Device Management: users - developers or administrators - logging in to Portal, and access keys embedded in applications. As a Device Management Portal administrator, you can manage users, application access keys and their access rights.

For Secure Device Access (SDA) groups and policies, please see the Secure Device Access chapter.

Team configuration

As a Device Management Portal administrator, you can control:

  • Portal-specific behaviors and appearances: security settings, identity providers, notifications and branding.
  • Tenant account management (only available to commercial accounts).

Billing reports

If your account is commercial, you can review update quota use and active devices for your own team and all your tenants. There are two views:

  • My billing shows a total for your team and all tenants.
  • Usage per tenant shows billing information for each tenant.

The reports help you monitor your usage so you can make informed decisions, for example about buying more quota or asking certain tenants to limit their update campaigns.