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kcm_csr_params_ Struct Reference

#include <kcm_defs.h>

Data Fields

char * subject
kcm_md_type_e md_type
uint32_t key_usage
uint32_t ext_key_usage

Detailed Description

This struct contains CSR parameters for the future-generated CSR.

subjectString that contains the subject (distinguished name) of the certificate in the predefined format.
Consists of a comma-separated list of the Object Identifier (OID) types and values; for example, "C=UK,O=ARM,CN=mbed TLS Server 1". See the instructions for generating a CSR for the full list of supported OIDs.
md_typeMessage digest selected from kcm_md_type_e.
key_usageKey usage extension bit-mask selected from kcm_csr_key_usage_e. If the requested CSR does not contain a key usage extension, set to ::KCM_CSR_KU_NONE.
ext_key_usageExtended key usage extensions bit-mask selected from kcm_csr_ext_key_usage_e. If the requested CSR does not contain an extended key usage extension, set to ::KCM_CSR_EXT_KU_NONE.

The documentation for this struct was generated from the following file:
  • mbed-cloud-client/factory-configurator-client/key-config-manager/key-config-manager/kcm_defs.h