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pt-client-2 Directory Reference


file  pt_api.h [code]
 Protocol translator external API V2.
file  pt_certificate_api.h [code]
 API for subscribing certificate renewal notications and renewing certificates.
file  pt_client_api.h [code]
 Contains the interface to create, connect, register, unregister and shut down the protocol translator client. Also contains call declaration of call-back which is called if client is disconnected.
file  pt_common_api.h [code]
 Contains common structures and definitions for the protocol translator client.
file  pt_crypto_api.h [code]
 API for crypto operations and retrieving certificates and public keys from storage.
file  pt_device_object.h [code]
 A utility header to contain the LwM2M device object ID:3 creation for mediated endpoints.
file  pt_devices_api.h [code]
 Contains the interface to manage multiple devices.
file  pt_userdata_api.h [code]
 Protocol translator API for client's data.