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pt_userdata_s Struct Reference

Contains fields for client user data. More...

#include <pt_userdata_api.h>

Data Fields

void * data
pt_userdata_free_cb_t pt_free_userdata

Detailed Description

Contains fields for client user data.

If the client wants to associate data with the device or any object, this structure may be used. Create it using pt_api_create_userdata. The PT API will deallocate this structure and call the pt_free_userdata call-back when the object structure is destroyed. However the client is responsible to free the pt_userdata_t::data using the pt_userdata_t::pt_free_userdata call-back or in some other way.

Field Documentation

void* pt_userdata_s::data

Pointer to client's data that may be associated with the device.

pt_userdata_free_cb_t pt_userdata_s::pt_free_userdata

Points to customer implementation to free the userdata.

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