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Device Management Platform Abstraction Layer (PAL)

The Device Management Platform Abstraction Layer (PAL) connects client with the underlying platform.

The main purpose of PAL is to enable easy and fast client services portability, allowing them to operate over wide range of ARM Cortex-based platforms running different operating systems with various libraries (networking, for example).

PAL has two layers:

  • Service API layer: provides the PAL APIs for client code. The APIs are identical for all platforms and operating systems, and you should not modify them.
  • Platform API layer: provides a standard set of baseline requirements for the platform. To allow client to run on the target platform, you need to implement all requirements when you port. The implementation may be different for each target operating system or library; PAL provides reference implementations for several operating systems, including Mbed OS.

See the Files section to review documentation for specific APIs.

See the full documentation and porting guide for PAL.