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Device Management Client Lite 1.3.0 release notes (preview)

Important note on testing before upgrading:

Before upgrading deployed devices to a new version of Device Management Client Lite, you must test that you can:

  • Perform a firmware-over-the-air update of a device with the new firmware image.
  • Perform an additional firmware-over-the-air update on the device with the new firmware image to check that you can update the new firmware image.

Device Management Client Lite

  • Fixed the COAP_MSG_CODE_RESPONSE_BAD_REQUEST and COAP_MSG_CODE_RESPONSE_FORBIDDEN responses. Now client re-bootstraps when the server rejects registration.
  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred because Device Management Client Lite did not release memory when the connection was closed.
  • Fixed several issues related to Firmware-Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates.

Example application

Changed how the example application behaves when network connect fails. Now the application retries to connect after a timeout.

Known issues

Mbed CLI and Mbed OS tools

  • Mbed CLI and Mbed OS tools in general do not currently support manifest-tool v2.
  • Mbed Studio has limited support for Device Management Client Lite.

E2E test library is incompatible with manifest-tool v2

  • The provided Pelion E2E Python test library does not yet have firmware update support for manifest-tool v2.
  • You can use the test library to verify other functionalities.

Alpha-quality software

  • Device Management Client Lite compiles only with the GCC_ARM compiler.
  • Some client features are not yet available.
  • APIs may change.
  • Documentation is a work in progress.

NRF52840_DK board

  • The NRF52840_DK board uses J-Link. You might encounter some stability issues when flashing the board. The application sometimes ends up in "read only" mode. To fix this, unplug the USB cable and plug it back in.
  • The example application does not compile with the ARMC6 compiler.
  • The example application does not work with block-wise sizes smaller than 512kB.

Other issues

  • The device preserves certificates between device flashes (using .hex flashing). If you want the device to use new developer credentials, clear the storage - for example, with pyocd erase --mass-erase - or use the storage-reset-dev-credentials configuration option in the mbed_app.json file. The device creates a new Device ID if the device does not find the Device ID in KVStore. A developer certificate limits the number of devices to 100.

  • The logs show:

    Resource created
    Error code : 7

    You can ignore this error.