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Introduction to Izuma Device Management Client Lite

The Izuma Device Management Client Lite (Client Lite) preview is a library you can use to connect constrained embedded devices to Izuma Device Management.

This is an early preview version of Client Lite aimed for low memory footprint (both ROM and RAM). You can use it to create applications with LwM2M features:

  • Manage devices with Device Management.
  • Securely communicate with internet services over the industry standard TLS/DTLS.
  • Fully control the endpoint and application logic.
  • Secure firmware update capability (pre-integrated).

Client Lite is targeting devices with a footprint of 32-64kB RAM, 256-512kB ROM.

Alpha status

We want to facilitate early trials with the preview release. We are interested in your feedback, so we can drive the product in the right direction. Feature requests and proposals for API design and documentation are welcome. Please leave your feedback to us as GitHub issues.

The software is alpha quality, which means:

  • All client features are not in place yet.
  • APIs may change.
  • Documentation is work in progress.

Client solutions

We also have another client solution available. We designed Device Management Client for larger devices. See the table for a comparison of the two solutions.

Features Client Lite Device Management Client
Repository Public, pelion-client-lite-example Public, mbed-cloud-client-example
Release level Preview/Alpha Production
Security X.509 certificates X.509 certificates
(D)TLS Yes Yes
(D)TLS resume Not yet, coming Yes
TLS off-loading Not yet, coming No
Entropy injection Not yet, TRNG required Yes
Bootstrapping Yes Yes
First-to-Claim No Yes
Secure Device Access No Yes
Product Security Architecture (PSA) No Yes
Certificate chains No Yes
Extra certificate renewal No Yes
Device generated key/EST No Yes
Firmware Update Yes, with delta Yes, with delta
LwM2M v1.0 v1.0
Supported execution mode RTOS, bare-metal RTOS
API language C C++
Licensing Apache 2.0 Apache 2.0
OS support Mbed OS 5 Mbed OS 5, Mbed OS 6, NXP SDK, Renesas SDK, Linux.

Adaptation Layer for other ports.

Production support Yes Yes

If you need any features marked as "No" for Client Lite, use Device Management Client instead.

Client Lite features

Client Lite supports these features introduced in the subsequent chapters:

Advanced configuration options

Client Lite has many configuration options to enable/disable features that have impact on memory (both RAM and ROM). There are two different types of configurations:


The Client Lite repository contains:

  • A reference example application that registers to Device Management.
  • Client Lite sources with a C-based API.
  • Scripts to generate application-specific OMA-objects from OMA-xml-object-definition files.
  • Python scripts to execute delta firmware update.