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Izuma Edge 2.6.0 - June 2023

  • New, simplified meta-layer meta-edge has been introduced.
    • It allows easy inclusion of Izuma Edge into any LmP-target by including the meta-edge layer in your custom override layer.
    • This layer is hardware-independent and should work with all LmP targets that provide the required capabilities.
  • Updated to LmPv89 release.
  • The pe-utils package has been updated to version 2.2.0.
    • New diagnostic tool edge-testnet that allows confirmation of IP connectivity from the device.
    • The info tool has been renamed to edge-info to avoid naming conflicts with the Linux info tool.
  • The edge-core version has been updated to 0.21.0.
    • Izuma Device Management Client version has been updated to 4.13.1 (also known as mbed-cloud-client).
    • Mbed TLS has been updated to version 2.28.1, new domain name is also used in GitHub reference.
    • libCuRL has been updated to version 7.85.0.
  • The edge-proxy package has been updated to version 1.3.0.
  • The pe-terminal package has been updated to version 1.1.0.

Known issues

  • Kubernetes and pelion-edge-provisioner do not work on intel-corei7-64 on QEMU.
  • Alpine Linux/muslc has issues with DNS lookups when used from containers. For more details, see Deploying Containers/DNS issues.
  • The new golang- based terminal has some stability issues that can lead to connection loss. Click Reopen Terminal to reconnect.
  • Izuma Device Management portal is not correctly updated after a firmware campaign in some instances.
  • [Maestro] The FeatureMgmt config resource is initialized with a maximum file content of 3.8KB. The remaining file content is truncated during initialization. This is most likely due to the limitation of the Gorilla WebSocket library but needs further investigation. However, you can still push a file of up to 64KB through cloud service APIs.
  • [pt-example] cpu-temperature device reports random values because the default CPU temperature file is not the same on Yocto and LmP.
  • When using the Notification service API, if you subscribe to a translated device's LwM2M resources, which are registered with operation write (PUT) or execute (POST), you will not receive notification of the device state change.
  • When using Wi-Fi, the device shutdown can take longer than expected because Edge Core takes 1m 35s to shut down.


  • There is a maximum size limit to the full registration message, which limits the number of devices Izuma Edge can host:
    • Maximum registration message size is 64KB.
    • Hosted devices with five typical Resources consume ~280B (the exact size depends, for example, on the length of resource paths). This limits the maximum number to 270 devices.
    • The more Resources you have, the fewer devices can be supported.
    • Izuma Edge device Resources are also included in the same registration message.
    • Test the limits with your configuration and set guidance accordingly.
  • Devices behind Izuma Edge do not support auto-observation.
  • Izuma Device Management Client-enabled devices must bootstrap to the Izuma Device Management cloud before connecting to Izuma Edge.
  • No moving devices are supported (such as the device moving from Izuma Edge to another edge device).