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Factory Configurator Utility (FCU)

Factory Configurator Utility (FCU) integrates with your factory tool to make device provisioning easier, enabling you to configure and provision data, and generate keys and certificates on the factory line.

Authorized customers can download FCU from Device Management Portal. Please contact us for more information.

To use FCU, you must:

  1. Install FCU.
  2. Configure FCU.
  3. Integrate FCU with your factory tool.

System requirements

FCU is written in Python and requires:

  • Python version 3.6-3.9.
  • An operating system capable of running Python version 3.6-3.9 (Windows, Linux, OS X). We tested and verified that FCU works correctly on Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu 18.04.

FCU archive content

The FCU ZIP archive contains:

  • FCU, which is a Python package that includes all required resources.
  • Bootstrap and LwM2M server certificates. These are specific to your account.
  • The fcu.yml FCU configuration file. This file contains some account-specific information, but you also have to edit the configuration file as part of the FCU setup process.
  • The Factory Tool Demo source code.

Archive structure

+-fcu_archive/                                 # Extracted archive root
  	| +-fcu-0.0.1-py3-none-any.whl               # The FCU Python package
  	| +-sources/
  	|   +-fcu/                                   # The FCU source code (Python)
  	|   +-setup.py                 		         # Python file used for FCU package installation based on source files
  	|   +-requirements.txt                       # The Python packages required for FCU
  	| +-fcu.yml                                  # Configuration file for FCU
  	+-resources/                                 # Resources used by FCU
  	| +-bootstrap_server_ca_cert.pem             # The bootstrap server certificate
  	| +-lwm2m_server_ca_cert.pem                 # The LwM2M server certificate
  	+-ft_demo/                                   # Demonstration of a factory tool that uses FCU
  	| +-sources/                                  
  	|   +-ft_demo/                               # The factory tool source code (Python)
	|   +-ft_demo.py			     # The factory tool Python package
  	|   +-requirements.txt                       # The Python packages required for the factory tool
  	+-docs/                          	     # FCU documentation