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Upgrading and backing up FCU

Upgrading FCU

New FCU versions are usually backward compatible with previous versions. You can install and start using a new FCU version without making any changes to the existing configuration or your factory tool.

If a new FCU version is not backward compatible with previous versions, the FCU release notes indicate this with clear instructions about what needs to change. Be sure to follow these instructions closely.

To upgrade to a new FCU version:

  1. Back up the keystore folder.

  2. Back up the configuration file (config/fcu.yml).

  3. Extract the new downloaded archive.

  4. Copy the backed-up keystore folder to the root of extracted folder.

  5. Copy the backed-up configuration file to its original location.

  6. Install the new package:

    pip install --upgrade <fcu-package>

    Note: If you are using virtual environment, activate the environment before you run the upgrade command, or explicitly use the pip for your virtual environment.

Backing up FCU

Back up your FCU directory in case of a disaster to factory machinery.

Be sure to back up:

  • The keystore folder.
  • The config/fcu.yml configuration file.