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Error codes for the demo

Error code Message
1000 General error on factory tool: <ERROR_TYPE>
1001 Communication error received from device
1002 Device response verification failed due to an invalid checksum
1003 Timeout while waiting for device token
1004 Execution failed on device with error #<DEVICE_ERROR_CODE>
1005 Setup failed unexpectedly
1011 Failed to connect to serial port <COM_PORT>
1012 Failed to read data from serial connection
1013 No serial port is available on system
1014 Serial port <COM_PORT> not connected. Available ports: <AVAILABLE_COM_PORTS>
1021 Error connecting to device on IP <IP_ADDRESS> port <TCP_PORT>
1022 Failed to receive data from TCP connection
1023 Failed to send data over TCP connection
1024 Multiple requests to device are required for this configuration. Please use a different transport.