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Ownership claiming configuration

First-to-claim ownership change enables manufacturing of devices without binding them to a Device Management account. Read First-to-claim by enrollment list for more information.

First to claim

FCU parameter name first-to-claim
Name on the device mbed.FirstToClaim
Details Determines whether a device is created with first-to-claim mode.
Mandatory/optional Optional
FCU configuration source Configuration file
KCM type Configuration parameter
Format in KCM Integer, 4 bytes, machine endianity, 1 (true), 0 (false)
Validations in FCU Present, boolean: The first-to-claim mode is only applicable when use-bootstrap is true
Validations in FCC Depends on mbed.BootstrapServerURI value

Device enrollment ID

FCU parameter name N/A
Name on the device mbed.DeviceEnrollmentId
Details If mbed.FirstToClaim is true: The device enrollment identity is used by the end customer account. The identity consists of two parts:
* Interface version in ASCII format. See First-to-Claim enrollment ID versioning
* The fingerprint of the device bootstrap certificate.
Mandatory/optional Optional
FCU configuration source Generated by tool, returned in API response
KCM type String
Format in KCM N/A
Validations in FCU Present/absent based on first-to-claim=true. If present, validate that the calculated enrollment ID from the device bootstrap certificate is equal.
Validations in FCC N/A