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Izuma Device Management documentation

The Izuma Device Management platform lets you interact with and manage your connected devices and build large-scale, secure IoT solutions quickly.

Device Management features:

  • Secure connection for a wide range of device classes, including ultra-constrained, constrained, mainstream, rich nodes and gateways.
  • Flexible platform deployment options - from public clouds, like AWS, to on-premise deployments.
  • Complete lifecycle management, from factory provisioning, through secure device onboarding and robust device monitoring and control, to end-of-life device deletion.
  • Secure firmware update services including delta updates suitable for low-bandwidth and mesh-based networks.
  • Support for legacy protocols with the Izuma Edge gateway.
  • Device Management Portal and easy integration with enterprise systems using REST APIs.

Recently updated documentation

  • A command-line tutorial for the Device Management Client example with Zephyr OS.
  • A guide to application access management using application access keys or JWT keys.
  • Device Management Client 4.9.0 release notes.
  • End-to-end tutorial: from factory provisioning to update campaigns.
  • A guide to updating devices running Device Management Client 4.7.1 or lower.