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Overview of Device Management Client API references

The client APIs are for developers who want to support Izuma connectivity on their devices.

Porting Device Management Client

If you want to use Device Management on a new device, you will need to port it using the Platform Abstraction Layer (PAL) API.

Tip: This reference complements the porting guide.

Provision devices

Use the factory configurator client (FCC) and key and configuration manager (KCM) APIs to store and check device factory configuration data on the device's secure storage. The data should include everything the device needs to connect to Device Management.

Tip: This reference complements the provisioning guide.

Connecting and updating devices

All the features of Device Management are available through:

  • The Device Management Client API: An extension of the Mbed Client API, with the additional features of creating a unique identity for the client on the Device Management service, and updating the device's software through the Device Management Update service.
  • The Mbed Client API: The underlying connectivity API, which allows developers to create applications with LwM2M features.

Secure Device Access (SDA)

Use the SDA client APIs to control who can access an IoT device, and which operations they can perform on the device.

Tip: This reference complements the Secure device access documentation.