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Managing devices and gateways

Now, that your devices are connected to Device Management, you can discover and manage the connected devices in Device Management Portal.

To see the connected devices in Device Management Portal:

  1. Log in to Device Management Portal.
  2. Click Device directory.
  3. Select Registered only to see currently registered devices.
  4. In the Device type drop-down list:
    • Select Gateways to see Edge devices.
      • To see the devices connected to a gateway, you can expand the tree view by clicking the small triangle in front of the Device ID.
    • Select Gateway connected devices to see Edge mediated devices.

To see the details of a specific gateway device or device connected to a gateway, click the Device ID. The details pane appears, showing a few details. If the gateway has a specified location property, a toggle button shows the location of the device on a map.

Note: The specified location property is not related to the LwM2M location resource.

For more information about managing devices and device attributes, please see Managing devices in the Device Management documentation.