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Managing resources on the gateway

When your appliction is running on a gateway, you can add LwM2M resources to the gateway and manage them by using the gateway resource manager API.

By default, Edge Core with Izuma Device Management Client adds some LwM2M resources under the gateway. The gateway resource manager API extends that and allows other services to add to the gateway’s list of LwM2M resources. These LwM2M resources that may represent essential gateway capabilities, statistics and operations. You can add these resources under the gateway resources and allow useful management of processes running on the gateway. You can use the capabilities of the entire Izuma platform, including managing your resources with Izuma Device Management.

The gateway resource manager API:

  • Maps important gateway services, features or key device parameters to LwM2M-compliant Objects and Resources.
  • Maps Device Management operations (read, write and execute) to those resources.

For details about the gateway resource manager development, please refer to the JSON-RPC API specification.

Connecting to Edge Core

The process of connecting the gateway resource manager API to Edge Core is:

  1. The gateway resource manager API registers itself with Edge Core.
  2. Calling the supplied success or failure callback function communicates success or failure to the gateway resource manager API.
  3. The gateway resource manager connects.
  4. You can add resources when the success callback function is called.

Adding resources to the gateway

To add resources, call add_resource.

After you add resources to the gateway, they are visible as gateway resources in Device Management.

Data format translation

The role of the gateway resource manager API is to bridge other data formats to an LwM2M-compatible format. The gateway resource manager API provides an interface to interact with Edge Core and expose resources to Device Management. You need to translate the actual resource states to objects, object instances and resources using this API.