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Tip: You can perform all team management actions with the Account Management API.

As an administrator, you can customize Device Management Portal's appearance for your team. This includes all images, individual field and text colors and a light/dark theme toggle.

Note: This feature may not be available to your team. Additionally, it may be that the branding feature is enabled but applies only to the mobile application and not to Portal.


Portal has two built-in themes, light and dark. You can choose the default for your team.

By default, users can switch themes; you can block this option here if you intend to brand only one theme and don't want users to use the unbranded alternative.


You can set the colors for each theme (light/dark) individually. You do not have to set an entire theme; you can change just a few fields, and the others remain with their default values.

Color configurations are couplets of field and the font for that field. For some couplets, each color can apply to both the text and the field background, and the preview shows both options.

You can set:

  • Background: The whole page background color: the navigation menu for selected items, and the page header area.
  • Canvas: The main content area.
  • Primary: Headers, menu, links, CTA buttons, on hover.
  • Secondary: Secondary buttons and link hover.
  • Error: Error messages and callouts. On metric widgets, it indicates high uage.
  • Info: Information messages and callouts. On metric widgets, it indicates unlimited or low use.
  • Success: Success messages and callouts. On metric widgets, it indicates positive values.
  • Warning: Warning messages and callouts. On metric widgets, it indicates midrange use.

Tip: To restore the default values, clear the field.

Contrast ratings

To see the contrast rating for each field and text couplet, click the Contrast ratings button in the top right corner. The contrast rating is based on the AA level of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

The contrast rating updates with each color selection, without having to close the color picker.


You can set the image for each theme (light/dark) individually. Images cannot exceed 2MB and can be either JPEG or PNG. For some images, you can download a template - an image file of the recommended size and type.

Tip: To restore a default image, perform an API call to clear the API endpoint of either the dark theme or light theme. You will need the image type; they are listed under BrandingImage in the API reference.

These images are for the Secure Device Access mobile application and do not appear in Portal.

Click View carousel preview to see the images in the context of the mobile application's layout.