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The Team profile page shows account and team details. The available actions are:

  • Changing contact details.
  • Setting up an email notification list.

Developers have a version of this page that shows only contact details.

Tip: You can perform all team management actions with the Account Management API.

Changing contact details

To change the team's contact details, in Team configuration > Team profile, click Change contact details.

Setting notification lists

Portal sends notifications of events that require administrator actions, such as replacing certificates before they expire. By default, those notifications go to all administrators. You can manually add other users.

To add users to the notifications mailing list:

  1. In Team configuration > Team profile, click Edit e-mail notification list.

    The Security and expiration event notifications page opens.

  2. Add email addresses to the text field. Separate email addresses by commas, semicolons, newlines or spaces.

  3. Click Save.

The Team profile page now lists the emails you added in the Notifications section.

To remove users, go back to the Security and expiration event notification page and remove their email addresses from the list.


The Billing (service packages) section shows the start date and expiration date of your service package. For detailed billing information, use the Billing page.