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Creating a custom dashboard

The dashboard gives a summary of your account and devices status, so you can see what needs your attention. The Usage dashboard is the default and shows all of the information relevant to your user group:

  • Developers can see all information related to devices, firmware update and number of certificates. They can also see the firmware update monthly limit, to help them plan their update campaigns. They can't see any billing information or information about entities they can't control (such as users).
  • Administrators can see all information, including billing-related information, such as quota use (for commercial accounts), and account limits information, such as number of applications, access keys and users.

You can create a custom dashboard to focus on the information you need.

Note: You can only select widgets that match your user permissions. For example, the widget Latest month billing quota is not available to developer users.

To set up a custom dashboard:

  1. In Dashboard > Custom dashboard, click Add widget.

    The Select metric pop-up opens.

  2. From the Select metric drop-down menu, select the information type you're interested in.

  3. Selecting the metric populates the Select widget type drop-down menu. The menu only displays the widget types available for the metric you selected.

    Select the widget type you want.

    Note: Each metric and widget combination can appear only once on the dashboard, but a metric can appear more than once if you combine it with different widgets. However, you can't add multiple metric and widget combinations at once; you have to repeat the process for each combination.

  4. Click Add to board.

  5. The widget is added and populated with data. You can:

    • Drag the widget's corners to resize it.
    • Drag the widget to drop it in a new location on the page.
  6. You can repeat the Add widget process for up to eight widgets.

  7. When you have all the widgets you need, click Save changes.

Tip: By default, when you log in to Portal or click Dashboard on the menu, you see the Usage dashboard. If you want the default to be your Custom dashboard, click Set as default.

To add, rearrange or remove widgets from an existing custom dashboard, click Customize board.