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Third Party Intellectual Property report

Edge Core uses some Open Source Third Party Intellectual Property (TPIP). Please see the following table for TPIP and TPIP sources.

Name License Description
bsdiff BSD 2 clause Diff algorithm used for delta update image generation.
LZ4 BSD 2 clause (lz4.c and lz4.h under /lib in LZ4) Compression algorithm used for compressing delta update images.
TinyCBOR MIT Factory configurator client (FCC) uses TinyCBOR, which is a constrained node implementation of CBOR in C, with slight modifications. The code is in mbed-cloud-client/tinycbor and in a standalone repository.
apr_base64.c/h Apache 2.0 Base64 encoding and decoding. The code is in common/apr_base64.c.
pijyoi/jsonrpc MIT JSON RPC transport library. Sending feature added. The code is in lib/jsonrpc. Depends on libjansson.
docopt.c MIT DOCOPT's C library for command-line argument handling.
libevent 2.1 3-clause BSD Event handling library.
libjansson 2.11 MIT JSON manipulation library.
libwebsockets 3.0 LGPL2 + Static Linking Exception Library for handling websocket connections.
Mbed TLS 2.17.0 Apache 2.0 Library for the TLS/SSL protocols and cryptographic algorithms.

BLE example TPIP

The BLE example has the following additional dependency.

Name License Description
GLib LGPL v2.1 Low-level core library.

MQTT example TPIP

The MQTT example has the following additional dependency.

Name License Description
mosquitto EPLv1.0 and EDLv1.0 MQTT broker/client.

The Linux distribution itself uses the following libraries:

Name License Description
librt * POSIX real-time extensions library.
libstdc++ * C++ standard library.

*: The license of librt and libstdc++ depends on the toolchain you are using (ARM, IAR and GCC_ARM). We do not ship these libraries as part of our release; they come with your toolchain.