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Maestro is the systems management daemon for Pelion Edge.

Maestro replaces typical Linux OS system utilities and management programs, while providing cloud-connected systems management. Maestro is designed specifically for cloud-connected Linux OS embedded computers with limited RAM and disk space, where file systems are often flash. Maestro enables less writing to the file system over time.

Major tasks maestro provides:

  • syslog daemon (replaces syslog-ng, syslogd and others).
  • More advanced logging through the grease-log-client library.
  • To-the-cloud logging.
  • Periodic system stats to cloud.
  • Config management for applications and containers (config file templating and config API).
  • Process creation and control.
  • Container management (starting, stopping and installation).
  • Network setup (DHCP and static IP settings).
  • Critical systems control (reboot and remote command execution).
  • Watchdog support.
  • Time sync.
  • Initial provisioning of system.

Maestro can communicate in two ways:

  • Locally with other processes over its local API.
  • A "phone-home" style communication with its "mothership," Pelion cloud.


  • Smaller memory footprint.
  • Less installation on disk.
  • Cloud connectivity.
  • Managment through local API.

Maestro communicates to Pelion Cloud over HTTPS outbound. It stores its config locally in a private database but can also use DeviceDB for storage of applications, network settings, configs and other data when used in conjunction with standard Pelion Cloud services.