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This document describes the Device Management Edge Core REST API.

HTTP request port

The HTTP port is given as a command-line parameter when Device Management Edge Core starts, for example 8080. Use this port when making requests to the REST API.

Getting Edge Core status information

Get Edge Core status

GET /status


None needed.


Response Description
200 Successful response containing information about Edge Core status.
400 Bad request - Returned when the URI cannot be parsed, such as incorrect parameters.
404 Not found - Returned when the URL is not found.
405 Bad method - When using wrong method, for example, POST.

Acceptable content type:


JSON content shows this response:

Field ID Description
account-id The ID of the account running Edge Core in Device Management.
edge-version The version of Edge Core.
endpoint-name Edge Core endpoint name.
internal-id The internal ID of the Edge Core device. Empty when not connected.
lwm2m-server-uri The LwM2M server URI from Device Management.
status "connecting", "connected" or "error"
error_code Device Management Client error code number, for example, 12. Present when status equals "error".
error_description For example: "Client in reconnection mode, DnsResolvingFailed". Present when status equals "error".



curl http://localhost:8080/status




Although the connection status reflects the connection to Device Management, updates to its value may depend on the responsiveness of the connection between Edge and Device Management. It may take a while for the connection status to update. The time to update the connection status also depends on the socket keepalive parameters. For example, you may add the following to the ./config/mbed_cloud_client_user_config.h file:

  • The keepalive time is the duration between two keepalive transmissions in idle condition.
  • The keepalive interval is the duration between two successive keepalive retransmissions if an acknowledgement to the previous keepalive transmission is not received.

The values are in seconds with the default values of 600 and 75.