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Campaign phases

Campaigns go through several phases. Some campaigns may skip certain phases depending on how they complete.


During this phase, you've created a campaign, but haven't started it yet. You can still edit the campaign during this phase.


During this phase, Update sends manifests and waits for responses. If no errors occur, Update stops once it completes active tasks.

You cannot edit the campaign during this phase. You can stop it forcibly if necessary (see the heading below).

The time this phase takes varies from a few seconds to a few weeks, and depends on:

  • The campaign configuration.
  • The number of devices.
  • Device connectivity.
  • Manifest install rules.
  • And other factors.


In this phase, Update cleans up the campaign and releases unused credits. Update does this automatically once it finishes its active tasks. You can also stop the campaign manually if you need to.


This phase means that Update has finished everything from the Stopping phase.

You can't restart a stopped campaign. If you want to restart a campaign at this point, you need to create a new one. You can use the same device filter, but the campaign ID will be different.


Archiving lets you remove old campaigns from search filters. It doesn't matter if all devices updated successfully, the campaign stopped automatically because of an error, or you stopped the campaign manually.