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Troubleshooting update campaigns

My campaign stops unexpectedly

Update stops automatically if it encounters an error. You can check the autostop_reason or event log messages to see why your campaign has stopped:

Message Explanation
user You stopped the campaign manually.
manifestremoved The manifest was deleted from the system.
Campaign Finished. The device updated successfully OR the device failed to update.
Threshold reached. The campaign finished (the campaign finishes whether or not all devices updated successfully). The percentage is user-defined.
No updatable devices found matching filter. The filter provided didn't match any registered devices.
Failed to reserve service package: Not enough quota. Not enough billing quota (balance) for new reservation. Adjust your filters to include fewer devices in the campaign, or contact us to add another service package. See the Billing API reference for more information on service packages.
Failed to reserve service package: No quota. No billing quota for new reservation.
Failed to reserve service package: Free tier update limit exceeded. Free-tier accounts can only perform one update campaign at a time.
Failed to reserve service package: Given account id not found. Commercial (subtenant or non-subtenant) account not found.

Validation checks pass, but the update doesn't work

During the Starting phase, all validation checks might pass, but an error occurs that Update can't automatically detect. In this case, you need to stop the campaign and create it again. You can also check the autostop_reason.

Validation checks fail

If a validation check fails, Update returns to the Draft phase. These checks can fail because:

  • You don't have enough credits.
  • There are no devices in the filter.
  • You left out important information when you created your campaign, such as which devices to target or which manifest to use.

My firmware download was interrupted

  • If network interruptions cause your updates to fail, you can resume a failed firmware download by changing advanced configuration options.

An interrupted download resumes, but the campaign appears as "failed"

Update can resume an interrupted download after the device can connect again. However, the campaign may still appear as "failed" even though the download completed successfully.

One potential fix is to set the http-resume-maximum-activity-time-secs parameter in Update configuration to a value less than or equal to the device maximum lifetime.

A firmware update fails, but the device appears as "pending" in metrics

If your firmware image is above the maximum allowed size, your device loses power during an update or the bootloader encounters an error, the device may show as "pending" in campaign metrics, even though the update failed. The device appears as registered but reports the wrong firmware version. This is because the device couldn't complete installation of the new firmware.

In these cases, you must stop the campaign manually.

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