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Device Management Update network traffic

Device Management Update requires a connection between the Update service and the device to be successful. The device and service exchange a number of messages during this process. The network traffic can be split into these categories:

  1. Messages exchanged during device startup.
  2. Messages exchanged during the update:
    • Update process initialization.
    • Image download. The size and number of messages in this category depend on the configured maximum transmission unit (MTU) size.
    • Update completion.
  3. Messages exchanged after the device restarts.


This summary is for a 512-byte MTU configuration:

Disclaimer: The measurements below were taken at a specific point in time. Protocol and feature changes may lead to different network results.

  1. Device startup messages

    Device to service: 425 bytes.

    Service to device: 335 bytes.

  2. Update process

    • Initialization

      Device to service: 363 bytes.

      Service to device: 771 bytes.

    • Image download

      Device to service: 180 bytes multiplied by the number of blocks.

      Service to device: 4 bytes plus (42 plus MTU), multiplied by the number of blocks.

    • Update completion

      Device to service: 180 bytes.

      Service to device: 159 bytes.

  3. Messages after device restart

    Device to service: 553 bytes

    Service to device: 392 bytes


Device to service: 1,521 bytes plus 180 bytes, multiplied by the number of blocks.

Service to Device: 1,657 bytes plus (4 bytes plus [42 plus MTU], multiplied by the number of blocks).

For a 512KB image, and 1,024-byte MTU configuration (200 blocks):

Device to service: 93,681 bytes. Service to device: 547,453 bytes.