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Generate update credentials

This section explains how to generate your update credentials. You can skip this section if you already have update credentials available.

Your credentials consist of a private key and an authenticity certificate.

  • Your private key is used to sign your authenticity certificate, and to sign the manifest file that you will create later in this tutorial.
  • Your authenticity certificate is used by your device to verify that your manifest file and firmware update originate from a trusted source.

Note: You must keep your private key secure and confidential.

Note: Take note of the private key and certificate's directory locations. You need these locations later in the tutorial.

Generate a private key

To generate your private key, run:

openssl ecparam -genkey -name prime256v1 -outform PEM -out my-update-key.pem

This command generates a private key and outputs it to a directory on your computer.

Generate an authenticity certificate

To generate your authenticity certificate, run:

openssl req -x509 -sha256 -days 7300 -key my-update-key.pem -outform der -out my-update-certificate.der -batch

This command uses your private key to derive an authenticity certificate, and outputs your certificate to a directory on your computer.