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Device Management Client

Pelion's Device Management Client (https://github.com/PelionIoT/mbed-cloud-client) is a library you use to create device applications.

Reference applications for connectivity, firmware update and provisioning

For an explanation of how to combine the reference provisioning application with the reference connectivity application into a single device application, see Creating a single device application for provisioning and connectivity.

Device Management Client update client

Device Management Client 4.8.0 and higher features an upgraded firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) update client and bootloader with advanced memory optimizations and a range of features, including:

  • Delta update (also supported by the legacy update client).
  • Component update.
  • Resume after power failure.
  • Defer firmware update download or installation.
  • Candidate image encryption on the cloud or on the device.

For more information about implementing FOTA update features in the Izuma clients, see Setting up Firmware-Over-the-Air in your device application.