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Replacing the developer certificate with production credentials

The tutorials all use Device Management-provided developer certificates.

To replace the developer certificate with production credentials:

  1. Provision production credentials.
  2. Upload your certificate authority (CA) certificate to your Device Management account.
  3. Configure mbed-cloud-client-example for Production mode.

Provisioning production credentials

You can provision your device with production credentials using Factory Configurator Utility (FCU) or your own tools, as detailed on the Izuma Factory Provisioning documentation site.

Uploading your CA certificate to your Device Management account

Upload your device CA certificate to your Device Management account so that the Device Management server can authenticate your device certificate when the device attempts to register.

Configuring mbed-cloud-client-example for Production mode

To use one of the advanced registration options, you need to disable the developer mode feature the mbed-cloud-client-example application uses by default and ensure that flashing the application does not destroy pre-injected provisioning data (the method of ensuring this is dependent on your device platform and where you choose to store your credentials).

Mbed OS

In the mbed_app.json file, change the value of developer-mode from 1 to null:

"developer-mode": {
"help": "Enable Developer mode to skip Factory enrollment",
"value": null

Change the output format of the compiled image to .hex. Flashing with .hex ensures the provisioning data injected with the factory configurator client example is not overwritten when flashing the mbed-cloud-client-example.

"target.OUTPUT_EXT" : "hex"

Other platforms

Remove add_definitions(-DMBED_CONF_APP_DEVELOPER_MODE=1) from the platform-specific configuration file (define.txt for Linux/Yocto).