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Tutorial: connecting with Mbed OS, Zephyr OS or Linux

Tip: If you cannot access some of the repos referenced in this section, please contact us to request access.

This tutorial connects a device to Device Management using either Mbed OS or Linux (running on a PC). It builds and flashes an application on your device, with all the permissions it needs to connect to your Device Management account.

Note: For production deployment, read the security considerations on the production workflow page.

For instructions on how to update the firmware, follow the Updating end-to-end tutorials.

Tutorials overview

  1. Select the platform: Mbed OS, Zephyr OS, Linux on PC.
  2. Import the Device Management Client example from our GitHub repository.
  3. Download the developer certificate from the Device Management Portal, and add it to the example.
  4. Compile the application.
  5. Flash it to your device.
  6. Connect your device to Device Management, and view it in the Device Management Portal.

Tip: The Device Management Client reference example application is configured to use the bootstrap and developer modes. For more information on mode options, read about our registration options.